Late last night I hit the "send' button. The first draft of the manuscript of Walking the Journey Together...Alone is on its way to my editor. I am excited about the book, a little scared about what I am sharing with the world, and thrilled that I've come this far.

My deepest appreciation and gratitude to Kathy Sparrow for guiding me from the start of the diary version of my book to creating a story that will change many lives. The power of my story will shine thanks to her wisdom, encouragement and patience. Trust the process. Trust Kathy Sparrow.

Lorna Scott
Passion Test Facilitator
author of Walking the Journey Together…Alone
Medicine Hat, Canada


Thank you for all your wisdom, wit and whimsy that you have so kindly shared in this narrative journey we have embarked upon together. I have found keys to places in my being unlooked for until now, due to the gifts you have shared in this unfolding process. I know a safe place always resides in your presence, and am ever grateful for having the opportunity to experience that with you.
I look forward to many more forays into the fields and jungles with you, and learning to express the flower's breath in the words you help me own. Feeling the taste of my power, dignity, and grace rising within me, and knowing you have helped me reach into those realms, sometimes holding my hand, sometimes with gentle hands on my shoulders turning me and then pressing lightly on my back, with a wise smile of knowing and words of empowerment, I am grateful for the presence of your luminous being in my life.

Thank you many, and many times more, over and over, for who you are and how you help me to shine! You are amazing and I am grateful for the support and guidance you give in this unfolding process as the book emerges.

Joe Gransee-Bowman
author of Dream You’re Home:
Living Where You Are
Deciding to Create a Residential Living System
Northfield, MN


As a transformational messenger coach, I care deeply about the messages that cross my desk AND even more about the people who have poured themselves into the writing of them. When I was inspired to expand my business, I was afraid to hand some of the work off and prayed for someone who not only had phenomenal writing and editing skills, but who cared as much as I do. It was a tall order, and Kathy Sparrow has over-delivered. Her coaching is powerful and clear, her writing and publishing expertise is deep and wide, and her commitment to the transformational process for all of us makes her one of my favorite team members. Thank you, Kathy!

Amanda Johnson
Founder of True to Intention Transformational Speaker, Author, and Messenger 
Author of Upside-Down Mommy


Kathy Sparrow's book coaching allowed me to...... Get motivated with my book. I’ve had this idea festering for over a year. I have a collection of notes, 3 x 5 cards, and journal entries strewn about the house and Kathy helped me to bring it all together and start productive writing. It is an awesome feeling to make the kind of progress that I did in her class.

Kathy Sparrow was able to assist me in......Getting down a solid structure for the book so that I now feel I can go off and succeed on my own. She read through my submissions with genuine interest and gave good feedback, plus some good ideas.

One of the best ways that Kathy Sparrow helped me to achieve my book writing goals was........She taught me a process that I find extremely useful in getting started and keeping on. I will be able to use this over and over again, for all the story ideas I have. Plus, I really appreciate the goal we set for follow-up two months down the road. This assures me that I will keep writing.

Is there anything else that you would like to add? This was the best writing class I have ever taken. I feel that I was most successful in Kathy’s class. She is a very good instructor and I would recommend her class to anyone with an idea for a book, whether it be fiction or non-fiction.

Lynn Bojinoff
Broker, REALTOR®
Lynn Bojinoff RE Services


I have known and worked with Kathy Sparrow for the past 15 years. Kathy and I first worked together when she did freelance editorial work for Masters Press in Indianapolis, Indiana. During the time we worked together, she proved to be a careful and detail-oriented copy-editor who met deadlines, even when they were a little too close and unreasonable.

After I left Masters Press and started my own company, Wish Publishing, Kathy has done more editorial work for me, including working as a developmental editor on a few of our early projects and writing a book herself, On the Mother Lagoon.

In all the years I have worked with Kathy, she has consistently been professional, prompt and personable.

Holly Kondras, Publisher
Wish Publishing


As writers, we like to share ideas and stories that might help others grow. Our craft is thought-provoking, whimsical, heart-breaking, hilarious, healing and, always, selfish. For we like to think we have the ultimate tale to tell. But it is Kathy Sparrow who is truly the master of this craft. She is able to adopt the tone of the her writer, spin the words and create the story we were meant to hear. Her love of words and a good story goes beyond editor or wordsmith. She has a passion that is felt deeply among her peers––and greatly appreciated.

Alexandra Powe Allred
Entering the Mother Zone
The Quiet Storm: A Celebration of Women in Sport
Passion Rules! Inspiring Women in Business


Kathy is a detailed and professional editor. She delivers quality work, follows the directions of the client impeccably, and meets her deadlines. I would happily work with her again, and refer her often.

Adele Nieves
President, Liquid Words Productions


Kathy Sparrow edited my first manuscript, Vista Nieve. Although I have written many scientific articles, this, a biography of the adventures of our family living on a coffee plantation on a coffee plantation in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of Colombia, South America, was my first book-length attempt. Thus, I was sensitive about my effort and unsure about the whole process. Kathy is a true editing professional, sensitive to the concerns of an author, and superb at calming the fears of a novice writer. She went over my manuscript countless times, and made numerous valuable suggestions along the way. I am pleased heartily to recommend her as a writing coach and editor, especially for beginning writers.

Melbourne R. Carriker
Professor Emeritus
Graduate College of Marine Studies
University of Delaware
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