Message Strategy Package
from Concept to Completion and Beyond

Phase I: Content Development

Most of us desire to write a book and hope and pray that it can be done without much difficulty. Writing a book is much like building a house. It takes planning, commitment, and patience to work through revisions.
  • Collaboratively work through the development of the book
  • Editing content and ghostwriting as needed 
  • Creating reader feedback questions 
  • Reviewing reader feedback and making agreed upon adjustments to the manuscript
  • Final revisions, copyediting, and proofreading

Phase II: Proposal through Production

Even if self-publishing is the end goal, it’s best to formally work through the book proposal process to better understand your message and how it contributes to the conversation on your area of expertise. This activity will also create a marketing plan for the launch of your book. 
  • Collaboratively develop the book proposal that serves as the pitch to publishers and also is the basis for the marketing plan for the launch of the book. This includes writing the summary, researching comparable titles, and writing descriptions of similarities and differences of competing titles, outlining the marketing plan 
  • Act as a liaison with potential publishers, pitching the proposal and attending discovery conference calls with interested publishers.
  • Oversee the book production process, acting as a liaison with your publisher and/or vendors. Reviewing layout and design
Phase III: Build Your Buzz: Creating and Expanding Your Platform through Content Creation and Repurposing

Sometimes we birth a book and leave it on the curb, hoping that others will find it in the myriad of other offerings in the world. That’s not likely to happen. I made this mistake with On the Mother Lagoon: Fly Fishing and the Spiritual Journey. It’s a mistake I will not repeat, nor allow my authors to repeat.

The following is a list of tasks that we will accomplish together, with most of the heavy lifting falling to me. Some of these may not be necessary as you may have them in place. 
  • Combing your content for social media posts (quotes/memes) and designing a calendar for your posts
  • Strategizing blog posts from content - for both video and written - also designing a calendar for your posts
  • Creating a virtual media kit to include:
  • signature talk description
  • 2-3 sub topics that can be stand alone talks
  • three bios: byline bio, broadcast bio, and full bio
  • Speaker sheet (PDF) that can be sent to organizations, conference coordinators, etc. and added to your website
  • Pitching magazine articles with your byline and written by me from your content
  • Writing a “personality profile” that can be added to your website and also sent to key publications, such as alma mater newsletters, home town papers, and suitable mainstream publications, etc. 
  • Pitching you to podcasts and bloggers who are looking for guest experts in your area of expertise.
  • Creating an evergreen webinar for your website as a way to capture emails and then promote the book and future products
  • Video interview to be posted on my YouTube channel and linked to yours 
  • Featured in Author’s Showcase (soon to be added to my website) - your photo, a profile, and the cover of your book with a link to your site
  • Highlighted on my social media channels (my reach extends into Jack Canfield’s tribe, Evolutionary Business Council, the RIM community, and more)  
The Launch Process

Then comes the big day! Planning and outreach is required to be successful in garnering the attention of your audience. 

Using some of the information from the book proposal, we create a launch strategy. This includes:
  • writing email and social media copy for your list
  • writing email & social media copy for supporters/marketing partners
  • repurposing content from the book for Facebook or LinkedIn posts (using those we culled in the Building the Buzz section)
  • choosing the categories for Amazon that enhances your chances for “best seller” status
  • monitoring Amazon on launch day and creating appropriate social media posts
  • and whatever your publisher might suggest such as summits, webinars etc. 
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