The Innovators: Revolutionary Ideas from Today’s Consulting Leaders.
Best Seller. My chapter, “It’s all in the Cast–A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Leadership” appears in the anthology. Motivational Press, March 2017.

Ignite Your Leadership: Proven Tools for Leaders to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum, and Accelerate Results.
International Best Seller. Eleven international transformational leaders represent key areas of industry and academia from around the world and reveal how to: energize your teams, influence real change, and create better results faster. As transformational leadership calls for every leader to “know thyself,” this book will become a valuable resource to help you do that. You will discover the insights you need to uplift others so that together, you realize your organization’s highest mission and goals. Foreword by Jack Canfield. My chapter: “The Power of Your Story, Discovering Your Why, Dissolving Your Why Nots” Motivational Press, February 2017.

Women, Money and the Inner Male Connection, explores the theory that women who have difficulty with maintaining financial stability have had poor male role models in their life and also attract men, much like their absent or narcissistic fathers. (expected publication 2018). 

The Whispered Teachings of Grandmother Trout, woman’s coming of age novel, set on the backdrop of a fly fishing lodge on the lower Laguna Madre (expected publication 2018). 

Stories that Heal: Building Cross-Cultural Bridges Through Literature, Research into the detrimental role the master narrative plays in building individual, cultural, and national identities, and affirming that healing and self-actualization can be attained through the creation of the counter-narrative. Thesis, UTPA 2008.

On the Mother Lagoon: Fly Fishing and the Spiritual Journey, Wish Publishing, 2003. A psychospiritual exploration into the quiet sport of fly fishing. (Currently under revision. Re-release 2018.) 

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